The winners of the Professionals category

1° Prize Professionals: CITY VIBES, Federica Citterio and Williams Pompei (LC, PU)
For the figuratively innovative proposal that enhances the technical and aesthetic potential of the multilaminar technology of TABU, obtaining a texture that features remarkable graphic elegance and expressive force based on only two contrasting shades of wood species.

2° Prize Professionals: LEAF 3D, Riccardo Tomasoni (BG)
For the refined narration of the TABU ecological identity obtained by creating on a panel a graphic / naturalistic theme based on the delicate texture of the vegetable veins of a leaf, turned into three-dimensional patterns thanks to the Groovy technology.

3° Prize Professionals: TEXTOUR CITIES - INTRECCI DI CITTA’, Maria Gelvi and Rosalba di Maio (NA)
For the virtuous exaltation of the inlay technology obtained through textures derived from refined procedures of graphic and chromatic abstraction starting from the planimetries of famous cities.

Special mentions

WOODEN MOVIES, Stefano Angelo Elli (CO)

For the conceptual originality of the creative inspiration that generates a chromatic palette expressed in thin vertical stripes starting from colours taken from photographic sequences of famous movies, obtaining at the end geometries and fascinating chromatic spectra in inlaid wood

FLARE, Luca Tornaghi (CO)

For the elegant and classical approach to continuous modular texturization obtained with the technique of inlay in different shades of natural wood species