The Tutors

Both Professionals and Students can ask for an opinion, some advice or a comparison with our TUTORS. We noticed in the last editions that in many designs presented with interesting anddeserving ideas, a little “push”, some good advice “from colleague to colleague” or “fromprofessional to student” regarding the development of the idea would have been precious.

Above all, for the persons participating alone in the contest, without guidance, and comparison with a professor or a colleague.

The Tutors are professionals, also with experience of academic discipline, helping all the candidatesdesiring to present their idea at their best, before uploading it to Reserved Area.

When is the best moment to apply to them for advice?

When you have carried out your tables (concept, detail, rendering), and you want to have more advice, a comparison on your mature idea.

How to choose the correct tutor?

Architect Fernando Mosca declared to be at disposal above all for the ideas regarding the wooden surfaces (multilaminar wood veneers, industrial inlays, three-dimensional surfaces, surfaces for state-of-the-art boiserie, wooden floors).

Architect Mariano Chernicoff is at disposal especially for the designing of furniture for CarpanelliAward.

How to contact them?

Write them an email sending it to with subject: ARCHITECT MOSCA /ARCHITECT CHERNICOFF TUTORING REQUEST, by specifying your name and surname, if you are students or professionals, by specifying your University or town. Indicate your mobile phone number. We will reply to you establishing a video call with the tutor you indicated.

For all technical info, request for images, doubts on the announcement or on organization questions, please contact the Organization – Francesca Losi, Responsible for the Formation, always here:


He was born in Argentina and graduated from the Catholic University of Cordoba. He became a fully registered architect in Spain and was enrolled on the EEA list of architects enabling him to practise his profession in the European Community. Starting from 1987, for eight years, he worked with a group of architects in Milan, Carmellini e Magnoli Associati, developing projects in Italy and abroad. During this time, he carried out much personal research work on his own in the world of architecture and, after having gained important, distinctive experience in the fashion, luxury hotel, and residential sectors, he decided to set up his own studio.

Studio Mosca was founded in 1994 and immediately responded to customer requirements by adopting an approach centred on the conceptual development of projects strongly based on references to art and worldwide culture.

His profile as a designer-architect thus took shape and found a strong base in the perfect balance between the rigour of nearly minimalist inclination and the use of highly technological, innovative materials alongside traditional ones; a formal balance in which the personal use of lighting bestows an exquisitely “spatial” arrangement to any environment.

Following this conceptual basis, the Studio realises projects for various different architectural sectors: Residential (apartments, villas) – Commercial (clothes, shoes, accessories, glasses); Wellness and health (beauty centres, spas, dental facilities); Religious Architecture (convents, restoration work, and design); Entertainment and Food (discos, pubs, restaurants, bars). Also on the list of professional activities is participation in international architecture competitions and conferences.


Mariano Chernicoff works in the Exhibit Design Workshop of the Design Department and since 2012 he has been a lecturer for the Modelling Design and Wood Design courses at the Politecnico di Milano School of Design. For the consortium company PoliDesign he works as a designer for exhibitions and events, he is a teacher and a technical consultant at the Master in Furniture Design.

Born in Argentina, since 2000 he has been living in Italy. Degree in Industrial Design and Master’s Degree in Interior Design at the Politecnico di Milano. In 2003 he began working for the Design Department, gaining much experience in the field of exhibitions, events and modelling / prototyping with different materials.

His passion for the wood knowledge has emerged in different activities: teaching field, exhibitions, international scientific publications, and participation in international conferences. He has run wood workshops, built prototypes for companies, developed gadgets, and new wood products.

He has been a member of the jury in wood competitions and explores new approaches for the teaching and transfer of the knowledge based on direct and concrete experience with materials.

Since 2011 he has been leading the Politecnico di Milano’s Exhibit Design Laboratory, managing the working group and the workshop designing, building and carrying out the most important events of the University.