Fashion Passes, Style Remains

Carpanelli is a family-run business whose roots lie in artistic woodworking and high-level cabinetmaking.  A long tradition of craftsmanship: the company has been “Author Workshop” since 1919, when it was founded by Giuseppe Carpanelli, a well-known and prestigious cabinetmaker. His sons Luigi and Leopoldo and his daughter Clementina in the second generation have enhanced what done by their father, and now Carpanelli is one of the most appreciated and recognized companies in the Classic Italian furniture panorama.

The third generation with Giuseppe, Angelo and Daniele has taken the baton of a splendid historical reality by enhancing the always appreciated “added values” of Carpanelli Style, by trying to interpret the today’s demanding challenges in the furnishing world, revolutionized by the changes of the lifestyles imposed by the digital revolution.


CARPANELLI srl, company of furniture with 100 years of history dedicated to high-level cabinetmaking, within the 3rd Design Contest IDEASxWOOD 2020/2021 promotes Carpanelli Award Fashion Passes, Style Remains dedicated to the “evergreen” furniture project theme. The participant is asked for a path of research starting from tradition meant as evocation of the styles that made the furniture history, reinterpreted in an innovative way according to a contemporary style, thought-out for international and dynamic customers.

The following points shall be well considered:

  • a project perspective evoking Style and not only Shape
  • valorisation of wood in its most precious essences such as the leading protagonist;
  • search for combinations with new materials expressing an actual concept of preciousness;
  • attention to the respect for the forest heritage through the use of an FSC® certified wood veneer as per document FSC Italy –Tabu

The submitted solutions shall be original and unpublished and designed to enhance the company works.

For info on Carpanelli Award, please write to: