Beautiful and well done

Carpanelli produces modern cabinetmaking furniture reinterpreting tradition in an innovative way.

Carpanelli is an “evergreen” company that recalls memory and tradition interpreting it in an innovative way. It stands out for the recognisability of its design and for the workmanship of high cabinetmaking. It expresses its creative identity through a path of constant research and experimentation that aims to meet the needs of the most demanding international clientele. Our stylistic proposal summarizes a balance between refined elegance and emotional impact. The concept of luxury is interpreted as the ability to create personalized furnishing solutions that enhance our craftsmanship quality and attention to detail.


CARPANELLI, company of furniture with 100 years of history dedicated to high-level cabinetmaking, within the IV Design Contest IDEASxWOOD 2021/2022 promotes Carpanelli Award “A NEW TOUCH OF ELEGANCE”.

Every single project must aim to create a piece of furniture that pays attention to:

  • research on current trends in the furniture industry (a new touch)
  • to a current concept of elegance understood as use of precious and eco-sustainable materials, as search of the details and as craftsmanship of the workings (of elegance)

The concept of residential home, in this period of great changes, has regained a great value of reassurance and warmth.
Every design idea must be conceived within a specific area of the modern home:

  • living area: dining, living, entrance.
  • sleeping area: bedroom.
  • home office

The following points shall be well considered:

  • the research on current trends and the original interpretation of the theme of the Contest;
  • enhancement of wood in its most precious essences such as the leading protagonist;
  • search for combinations with new materials expressing an actual concept of preciousness;
  • attention to the respect for the forest heritage through the use of an FSC® certified wood veneer as per document FSC Italy –Tabu.

The submitted solutions shall be original and unpublished and designed to enhance the company works.

For info on Carpanelli Award, please write to: