Art. 1 – Purpose of the Competition

TABU Spa, located in Cantù, international reference in the dyeing technology of natural and multilaminar wood, organizes and promotes the 3° edition of the Design Contest IDEASxWOOD 2020/2021, aimed at the design of:

  • geometric, organic or combined decorations according to one of the following methods:
  1. aimed at the creation of multilaminar wood veneers, 650 x 3100 mm;
  2. aimed at the creation of industrial inlays (Graffiti Collection by Tabu) both on dyed natural veneers and on multilaminar wood veneers – or freely assemblable – for the production of 1260 x 3060 mm panels;
  3. aimed at the development of three-dimensional surfaces (Groovy Collection by Tabu) made with the technique of the embossed relief or the bas-relief for the production of 1250 x 2500/3000 mm panels;
  4. aimed at the development of wooden surfaces for state-of-the-art boiserie (new SKEENS Collection by Tabu) for the production of 620 x 3000 mm panels;

The submitted solutions shall be original. Furthermore they shall be aimed at enhancing the company’s work. The aesthetic quality of the presentation and considerations about the technical feasibility of the project will be positively evaluated. The indication of at least one wood species / veneer certified as per the FSC® list (see link to the document) and the attention to the re-use of the wood and to the optimization of its use in the production processes will also be positively evaluated.

Art. 2 – Terms of Participation in the Competition

The participation in the competition is open to:

  • Professionals Category: all Italian and foreign designers (a specific qualification or diploma/degree is not required) under the age of 39. All those who, on the date of the registration to the competition, are not enrolled in Schools, Institutes or Academies and work in the field of design, interior design or industrial design must be considered in the Professionals category.
  • Students Category: all Italian and foreign students of the Universities of Architecture and Engineering, Design Schools and Institutes and Fine Arts Academies.

For both categories it is allowed to participate as individual or in a group. In the case of group participation it will be necessary to appoint a group leader, who will be the sole responsible and contact person for the project. Each participant of the group will be asked to fill in the Annex A with personal data, signature of explicit acceptance of the Announcement, indication of the members of the group and name of the group leader.

For all members of the group is valid the age limit. If a group includes both students and professionals, the group will fall into the Professionals Category. Each participant, as individual as well as group, is permitted to submit up to a maximum of 2 projects, freely chosen from the 4 points of the Purpose, Art. 1 of the Announcement.

Upon free registration, participants accept unconditionally the terms of this competition contained herein. If the terms are not, in whole or in part, respected, the design and the participants may be disqualified. The members of the Jury, their relatives, the employees of Tabu Spa and their relatives may not take part.
Participants should periodically visit the website and the Facebook page to check for any further notifications relevant to the procedure.

Art. 3 – Application of Participation

The application of participation in the competition, both for individual participants and for each member of a group, must be made as follows:
1 filling in Annex A in all its parts
2 uploading Annex A to the personal page of the Reserved Area. In the case of Groups, the Group Leader enters the names and uploads Annex A of each member to its personal page.

Art. 4 – Official Languages

The languages admitted for the application of participation and the project descriptions are Italian and English.

Art. 5 – Required Documents

Each participant of the contest, as individual as well as group, can upload up to a maximum of 2 projects to the Reserved Area of the website For Groups, the project(s) must be uploaded to the personal page of the Group Leader.  No personal data and signature should appear in clear text on the projects, under penalty of disqualification from the competition.  All the technical tables belonging to a project must be anonymous, the document with the general description (Annex B) shall show only the Category and the title of the project. The projects must be delivered complete with the notes and technical details on what is necessary for the eventual production of the project and must be uploaded to the dedicated section of the competition’s website no later than the deadline indicated in Article 7. Each project must include a maximum of 3 tables – one with the complete pattern and the other two, optional, with the details – and the document with the general description.

Each uploaded project must be in a dedicated .zip folder, named with the USER CODE and must include:

  • ATTACHMENT B IN PDF: a short report (max 3000 characters) describing the motivations, the general concept, the main features of the project and the materials. The .pdf file of the report must be in a vertical A4 sheet (21 x 29.7 cm) and must be named ‘report_ denomination / title of the project’;
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: formed by a maximum of 3 horizontal A3 tables (42 x 29,7 cm), as .pdf files, indicatively including
    – Tab. 1: general overview, reference scenarios and methods of use, mood board, general concept of the design in its intended use and sources of inspiration;
    – Tab. 2: technical drawings: drawings of the panels, details, sections, exploded views, construction drawings quoted in the appropriate scales and significant details relating the chosen materials;
    – Tab. 3: design of the object, rendering, photo, preview image of the project summarizing its main features.
    The tables must be combined into a single .pdf file named “tables_title of the project” (maximum file size 10 Mb).

Art. 6 – Open Day

To let experience its working activities, Tabu will organize one or more Open Days or Webinars – on dates to be defined, which will be communicated by email to the already registered participants and announced on the website – open to all the participants who want to have a training session on the company, its production and strategies. On these occasions it will be possible to ask for more information aimed at the development of the projects.

Art. 7 – Delivery Deadline and Award Ceremony

Projects must be uploaded to the appropriate section of the website strictly no later than Monday May 31st, 2021 h 12 pm (Midday, Italian time).
During the first week of July 2021, the Award Ceremony will be held in a prestigious location in Milan.

Art. 8 – Jury

The Jury is chaired by Architect Franco Raggi and composed of architects, journalists and members of the Associations of the wood-furniture sector. The names of the jury members will be published on the Contest website. The Jury will carefully evaluate only the entries complying with the terms of this competition Announcement as indicated in Article 1. The judgements of the Jury will be unquestionable and unappealable.

Art. 9 – Information and Publication of the Results

The finalists of the competition will be officially published on the website immediately after the Jury’s deliberation. Tabu Spa has the right to present the initiative to the press and to communicate the results of the competition during a dedicated event, for which information will be provided in due course on the website and on the Facebook page of the Contest. All participants authorize the company upon acceptance of this Announcement to show their designs during public exhibitions and events and to publish them on a catalog and on paper and online media; for this nothing will be due apart from the obligation to quote the author. The company will not be in any case responsible for the theft or loss of the works.

Art. 10 – Prizes

The total prize money of € 15,000.00 will be distributed as follows:

PROFESSIONALS Category: 1° prize € 5,000.00

STUDENTS Category: 1° prize € 5,000.00

PROFESSIONALS Category- Carpanelli Award: 1° prize € 3,000.00

STUDENTS Category- Carpanelli Award: 1° prize € 2,000.00

The winner of each category is selected from a list of finalists who will be awarded Honourable Mentions according to the type of project, as listed in Article 1 of this Announcement.

The Contest also includes:

  • FSC®Special Award for the works that have reserved a special attention to the values expressed by the FSC® Certification.
  • CARPANELLI Special Award for furniture, objects or furnishing accessories to be created with the use of the Tabu surfaces from the Collections mentioned in Article 1 and available in the DOCUMENTS Area of the website

The Announcement of the Carpanelli Special Award is available in the dedicated special section of the website

All candidates are allowed to participate in the IDEASxWOOD Contest as per this Announcement and simultaneously in the Carpanelli Special Award, according to the dedicated Announcement.

  • IQD Magazine Special Award to the project featuring the best architectural vision, which will be awarded with the publication on the international architecture magazine and a one-year subscription to the magazine.
  • ITALIANCREATIONGROUP Special Award, partner of the event: Driade Award, FontanaArte Award and Valcucine Award.

In any case Tabu reserves the right to produce prototypes of the projects of the competition and to eventually put them into production. In this case the designers will be paid a royalty fee regulated by an agreement independent from this Competition Announcement.

Art. 11 – Rights and Ownership of the presented works

The authors will maintain the ownership of the presented works. The authors will grant the company the option to use the winning and mentioned projects for the duration of one year from the date of the Jury’s deliberation. Within this period the company will evaluate whether to put them into production and, in this case, the relationship with the designer will be regulated by a separated and specific contract between him and Tabu Spa. The company also undertakes not to modify in any way the presented works without the approval and authorization of the designer.

Art. 12 – Acceptance of the Competition Announcement

Participation in the Competition presupposes the total acceptance of this Announcement. In accordance with articles 13 and 15 of the GDPR 2016/679, the acquired personal data will be used solely for the purposes of this announcement and of the related reports. The parties are granted the right to access their data, to request correction, integration and any other right therein. Responsible for the data processing is Tabu Spa – Cantù.

Art. 13 – Jurisdictional Protection

The Milan Court is competent to deal for any controversy concerning this announcement and the acts related and connected to the procedure of the Competition.

For further information, technical assistance or clarifications contact:  – Tel +39 031 714493 – asking for the Competition Secretariat

Cantù, November 2020