Our meetings for designers and architects “THE COLOURS OF WOOD AND THE STATE-OF-ART WOODEN SURFACES”

Back to our training for italian architects and designers, online and in the presence.
Here are the first dates! In our meetings "THE COLORS OF WOOD AND THE THE STATE-OF-ART WOODEN SURFACES": we will talk about wood dyeing technology, wood species, natural dyed veneers, precious veneers, multilaminar wood veneers, surfaces and state of art collections, production cycles, examples and bio varnishes for wood.
These seminars will also be a valuable opportunity for those who want to participate in our contest Ideasxwood ( the IV edition expires on May 31, 2022), with respect to which they represent a fundamental technical premise.
We are waiting for you!
For info: fl@tabu.it

Cantù, November 25TH 2021