The Special Prizes of the Contest

SPECIAL PRIZE IQD: BRAILLE - Matteo Corradini, Andrea Molteni, Antonio Sacchet (Politecnico di Milano, Design del Prodotto Industriale)
For the interesting aim to bring the observers closer to the wooden surfaces on which the characteristic signs of the Braille language have been put in relief, combining in this way visual and tactile experience. The message behind this awarded project with a strong architectural character is the idea of transforming an important universal language into an elegant and light decoration.

SPECIAL PRIZE FSC®: GINKGO LEAF by Katia Ponti (Professional, CO)
For the attention dedicated to the use of FSC ® certified wood species and for the delicacy of the decoration, the tones on tones, and for the choice of this particular plant, the Ginkgo: besides being considered the oldest tree on Earth, is also one of the most long-lived, since it can reach 1000 years. In Japan it is considered a sacred tree, often present in the vicinity of temples.

SPECIAL PRIZE CARPANELLI: TAVOLINO GIOIELLO, Natalia Altamura Sorokolit and Maria Vittoria Sgrò (Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera, Corso di Progettazione Artistica per l’Impresa)
With this prestigious International Competition of ideas, Carpanelli is proud to contribute to the development of this path of cultural enhancement of real wood: creativity understood as a perfect synthesis between the innovation of a modern furnishing object and the enhancement of traditional values expressed by naturalness of wood.
In evaluating the projects presented and the high design value expressed in this competition, the “Gioiello” table is the one that best expresses harmony with our way of synthesizing the current idea of cabinet-making in a furnishing object.